Is Digital Marketing Better?

Digital Marketing is the advertising and promotion of one’s business, products or services through the Internet, mobile devices, social media, and other digital channels whereas Traditional Marketing is the advertising done through offline mediums like radio, posters, and billboard ads.

Although traditional marketing works well in some cases, digital marketing is clearly better for the various additional benefits it offers, which directly increase conversion rates, enhance ROI and captures more leads. Through this blog post, let’s see why and how developing a digital marketing strategy can prove to be beneficial for you.

Types of Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing:

Before jumping into several reasons and statistics proving why digital marketing is better than traditional marketing, let’s look at a few types of both to help you distinguish between them.

Types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing includes the following:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Video Marketing

Types of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing includes the following:

  • Television Ads
  • Newspapers
  • Radio Ads
  • Direct Mail
  • Signage
  • Billboard
  • Posters and Flyers

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing: What do the Stats Say?

According to MGD Advertising [1], 70% if the consumers prefer digital marketing content over traditional ads and another survey [2] tells us that 64% of the people admitted to purchasing something after being influenced by a marketing video on Facebook.

The world has turned towards technology and behind followed the world of marketing. Now blogging, SEO, Google My Business, Organic Searches, Facebook Pages, Instagram Business profiles, and YouTube videos are the ultimate tools to effectively promote businesses and products while the traditional marketing techniques are continuously on the decline. For example, the popular UK newspaper The Sun saw a circulation drop from 3,364 million in 2003 to 1,568 million in 2017[3].

Similarly, the television industry is also facing problems as more and more people shift to streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus. The latest survey shows that live TV watching time has dropped by about 15.3% from the last year, which means fewer TV ads are being watched every year.

There are many more statistics that indicate how traditional marketing is doing worse than ever before. And the reason for that is: Digital Marketing is better than Traditional Marketing, and has taken over its throne.

Reasons why Digital Marketing is better than Traditional Marketing:

Apart from the statistics proving the triumph of digital marketing over traditional one, here are several other reasons why digital marketing usually outdo traditional marketing:

1.    Cost-Effective:

Most of the businesses are looking for cost-effective methods for their promotions, and digital marketing provides the ultimate solution. While traditional marketing includes TV ads, billboards, printed mediums, and other costly techniques, digital marketing can do that at a much lower price-tag. Most of the methods used for digital marketing are free, and those which require you to give an up-front payment have packages that can meet the needs of every level of business, from small local street-store to multi-national firms.

2.    Larger Audience:

With Internet devices and mobile phones now more common than ever, digital marketing can target many more people than traditional marketing ever did. Millions of people use the Internet and social media every day, and through digital marketing tools and features, you can selectively target all your potential clients.

3.    Versatility:

Digital marketing lets you choose the way you want your message and information to be conveyed to the user. Whether your audience likes to watch videos on YouTube, scroll through Facebook, or read articles or blogs online, you can deliver your product or service through their desired medium, and on their preferred platform!

4.    Tracking of Progress:

Digital marketing tools, such as cookies, Google Analytics and Google My Business, allow you to keep tabs on your potential client and gather data on customer behaviour. As a result, you are able to alter or change your digital marketing strategy and learn what works and what doesn’t. You can even keep a lasting recod of your analysis. To do the same with traditional marketing requires tedious marketing research, and surveys which takes months to complete and organize.

5.    Better Conversion Rates:

Users nowadays prefer to search and look for their required products and services online rather than watching an ad on the television which they are not even interested in. With digital marketing, your business and its products or services are available online-just one click away. Users who search for something of their interests have a higher chance of buying it, and landing on your business will increase the chances of them using your products or service, thus leading to higher conversion rates.

6.    Reputation and Brand Building:

You can easily make yourself reputable in your industry through digital marketing. If people like your work or services, they are going to link to your business, share your products or services on social media and other platforms, use different ways to tell others about your business and give you good reviews online. Through this process, you build trust and credibility with your audience while getting free publicity. With traditional marketing, people tell each other about the positive experience they had with your business, and the word-of-mouth increases your business’s authority and credibility. However, outreach with traditional marketing is much lower than digital marketing.

And that’s a Wrap!

Digital marketing has tons of advantages over traditional marketing because the advancements in the technological world have provided ease and accessibility to the users and customers none of the traditional methods can. Where the Internet has provided many new opportunities, it has also provided businesses with a way to enhance their marketing strategies and increase their customer hub.

You may take both types of marketing hand-in-hand for your business if you can afford it. But if not, develop a digital marketing strategy, and it’ll be everything you business needs in terms of promotion.

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