Local SEO is the practice of optimizing a website so that it gets maximum traffic from the local searches. It not only helps in creating brand awareness but also ensures your visibility to the people searching for your business, or anything related to it, in your locality. These searches may include qualifiers that specify your location, such as city name, zip code, postal code, etc. Whenever someone makes a ‘near me’ search on Google or any other search engine, it picks up your location and shows your business to the people.

For example:

  • Restaurants near me.
  • Pediatricians in (city name).
  • A divorce lawyer in (city name).
  • Plumbing services available near me.

Even if the searchers do not specify the word ‘near me’, Google will automatically show local businesses whenever a search query is made about some business, for example, ‘computer stores’.

Stats showing the Importance of Local SEO

Local SEO holds great importance if you own a ‘brick and mortar business’, or any business which has a physical presence and provides services in a locality. The following are some stats which highlight the growing importance of local SEO:

  • 40 to 50 per cent of Google searches are for local purposes.
  • Google shows a Local Pack in 29% of the searches.
  • 50% to 70% of consumers are bound to visit the physical store in a day, especially if it is within a five miles range, after carrying out a local search on their mobile phones.
  • 34% of the consumers also visited the stores after searching them from their computers or tablets.
  • 50% of the local searchers are looking for a local business address.
  • 12% of the consumers look for a local business online every day.
  • ‘Near me’ searches have increased up to 150% than the traditional keywords.

Important elements of the Local SEO:

Before we jump into why Local SEO is important, let’s talk a little bit about its important elements to give you a gist of what you’ll be signing up for if you decide to opt this marketing technique.

Local SEO is no different from the traditional, organic SEO except that it has a specific locality which it targets. The parts such as keywords researches, links, and contents are focused on searches people are performing in the very locality around the businesses. Some of the important elements are:

  • Local Keyword Research: When your keyword research is targeted at a smaller audience present in the area around you, it is termed as ‘Local Keyword Research.’ There may be instances where the keyword research tool fails to give you any data due to your locality being too small. In that case, you can simply set the targeted location to a city near you and estimate the search volume according to your own area’s population.
  • Content: Quality content tailored according to your local audience often performs better than the less targeted content. With locally optimized content, you are likely to inform the right audience about your services, offers, deals, discounts and new arrivals. Locally focused content means a maximum conversion of leads into returning customers. However, it should be kept in mind that the quality of content nowhere relates to the word count or length.
  • Local SEO links: Link building itself is a practice that benefits a business a lot in the long run. When a consumer sees an external business linking to yours, they automatically view your business as trustworthy and credible. Local SEO links merely mean you’re building links with businesses present in your own locality (a partner, complementary business or friends).

Why local SEO is Important for Businesses:

1. Leads customers to your Business’s doorstop

Ultimately, the success of any business, big or small, depends upon the services and ease it provides to its customers. Thus, the better the customer care and the quality of your services, the better your business will do against competitors. With Local SEO, you have the “providing ease and accessibility” part of your business in the bag.

In this world of smartphones and the Internet, people find it convenient to have information on one touch rather than visiting a store about which they have no prior knowledge. Local SEO techniques allow you to set up your business profile on the web, and makes your basic information (business name, phone number, email address, images related to your business) easily available for your potential clients. With such information in the customers’ hands, they are better able to get a clear idea about your business and are more likely to visit your store for a closer look.

2. Helps in the growth of your Business

Once the customers have visited you on your physical location, or engaged with your website during their research, they are more likely to visit you again (both online and offline). Frequent visits by people who find your content engaging and relevant help in ranking your website well. When your content is optimized for your local audience, they are bound to find it relevant and will keep coming back for more.

If your services are welcoming and your customers have had a pleasant experience with you, they will drop reviews and ratings that appear on the Google Knowledge Panel or on your website.

The review section acts as your virtual business office. Positive reviews dropped by previous customers will assist new customers in correctly judging your services, because the majority of the people base their purchases on previous ratings and recommendations. Ultimately, the review sections can bring in more look-alike audiences that will be in need of your services. All of this will not only help your business grow exponentially but will also assist your customers in better understanding of your products and services.

3. Local SEO means Cheap yet Effective Marketing

Most of the strategies and techniques used in Local optimization, such as Google My Business listings, quality content and reviews are almost free yet highly effective.

Advertising is another medium for brand promotion, however, people tend to trust organic searches over pop-up ads. So, why choose paid promotions when the free marketing technique clearly performs better?

Local SEO may require up-front payment and time to time investments to keep your business relevant to the market. However, these investments are small and do not hurt your pocket. With time, you’ll find a long-term and extraordinary ROI with minimal outlay requirements.

4. Stable Strategy

It’s no secret that the returns on any business come after making some investment in it. Although, Local SEO strategy is no ‘over night success’ strategy, yet it’s stable enough to give you long-term benefits.

Once your business builds an online presence, you enjoy an organic stream of traffic and your desired consumers get targeted, and so you get remarkable results out of small investments.

5. Better Online Ranking and Presence

Local SEO helps your business appear in Google’s local 3 packs, which is one of the most coveted spots when it comes to search engine results. Initially introduced as a 7 pack, it has recently been reduced to a 3 pack which only features the top three businesses in the locality, and gives them the spotlight they deserve.

If you land a place in Google’s Local Pack, you’re golden!

According to the data available to us, more than 40% of the people who make queries related to local business click on the Local Pack listing, and less than 10% chose to search for more results. The main reason for that is, if you’re in the Local Pack, you’re business profile is helpful enough that users don’t have to carry out any more searches. That is precisely what a Local SEO strategy does for your business.

6. Dominate the Local Searches now!

To sum it up, ruling the local searches means an exponential growth of business, more in-store visits, customer trust, and a significant online and offline presence. All of these things, along with top-class services and high-quality products, are essential to the ultimate success of any business.

If you’re not seeing results despite having quality services and products, you might be lacking in the marketing department. And there’s nothing better than Local SEO to get your promotional campaign going. So, don’t wait another day and integrate Local SEO Strategy today!

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