Google My Business (GMB) – what can I say? Well first off, it’s a powerful and very important tool, especially for local businesses! It drives local business search results on Google search, Maps and you can utilise some very impressive PAGE 1 Google Real Estate that all businesses (especially local) should make full use of.

Optimising your GMB listing is critical for obtaining new customers and helping repeat customers do business with you again. So, here are 10 tips to optimising your GMB listing:

  1. Business Categories

Your business category denotes what your business is all about. For example, an Amusement Park would be your Primary Category, but did you know that you can add sub-categories? Make sure you add in sub-categories if they apply to your business. For example, the sub-category, in this case, could be an Amusement Park ride.

  1. Virtual Tour

A virtual tour – It allows your customers to instantly experience the atmosphere of your business/venue. It tricks the brain to make it feel like they have already been there before (feel at home/comfortable). Now this would require some expense – due to the need to hire a company to film and produce your virtual tour and it won’t be the right fit for all businesses, but it’s worth a consideration.

  1. Reviews

This one is massive. Google places HUGE importance on reviews. Make it a goal to start requesting more reviews – very highly recommended! Also, if you currently have reviews, and you haven’t replied to them, either positive or negative, start replying – Google again places importance on communication and responds to businesses that value its customers. So, if you’re not replying to reviews, it’s showing Google that you don’t value your customer’s feedback. Please note: some industries cannot request reviews e.g. chiropractors, so this may not apply to all businesses.

  1. Photos

Give potential customers a feel for your business. Photos are super important because people who have photos according to Google are 42% more requested for driving instructions and 35% more engagement/click-through rate (CTR). Now you can’t just put a few photos up and think I’m done with GMB, make sure you continually update your listing with new images.

  1. Description

Think about your description as a little ‘About Us’ section – there are 750 characters to play around here, so make sure it’s unique – don’t just copy and paste from your website. Also, think about the use of local SEO keywords. For example, you’re a hairdresser – what you could use within your description is instead of ‘stylish hairdresser offering quality cuts?’ – Use the local SEO keywords of ‘Ringwood Hairdresser’ and re-word to ‘Ringwood hairdresser offering stylish quality cuts’ – do some research into your local SEO keywords (and feel free to reach out if unsure of how to do keyword research – happy to offer some free keyword assistance, just send me an email at hello@trekdigital.com.au)

  1. Phone Number

Don’t use a toll-free – try to use your local number – that’s because Google isn’t keen on toll-free due to spam issues, also tracked numbers are not allowed.

  1. Hours

Make sure that you update your hours especially with public holidays. The best thing to do is just place all your closure or changed hours for public holidays – GMB allows you to update your hours and closure dates for the entire year.

  1. Posts / Events / Products / Services

This one is great to keep your listing fresh and constantly updated also make sure you list products and services – don’t just leave them on your website, have them displayed on GMB.

  1. Questions and Answers

Again, Google wants you to value your customers, so keep an eye on any questions that come in and make sure your reply.

  1. Attributes

Google mentions Attributes are optional, but they’re strongly encouraged to let customers see what your business has to offer. So, if your business has wi-fi, outdoor seating etc add these into your listing.

  1. Insights

Insights – it’s in your admin area and it is a great source of what people are searching for. If people are typing in certain phrases or keywords, this can be utilised for blog and GMB post ideas!

Remember, Google My Business allows your business to appear on Page 1 of Google! Don’t just think of it as ‘another job or social site you have to maintain’ think of it as valuable real estate that you want over your competitors.

If you would like to discuss GMB or marketing strategies, please reach out to Kellie at Trek Digital on hello@trekdigital.com.au or call 0417 706 165.

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