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We’re passionate and invested in your success! It’s our mission to know you, your business and where you would like your business to become. The idea for Trek Digital was born when founder, Kellie Emmett noticed that there were so many business owners struggling to either understand the ever-changing digital marketing landscape or just didn’t have the time or resources to achieving cohesive marketing.

Kellie Emmett


Hello I'm Kellie, a long-term experienced marketer who has loved this marketing gig since my first marketing class at university and continue to 14 years on. It's a passion that I admire, get frustrated at and even more so appreciate.

I'm responsible for ensuring that Trek Digital continuously providing state-of-the-art digital marketing to businesses, no matter the size or industry and really educating those businesses, not just 'doing a job'
When I'm not doing that, you'll find me being a mum, a wife, a friend, a weekend cricket superstar (superstar is a very loose term :D) and I believe *really* good at what I do.

Kellie Emmett

From our Founder

Every business has a story. How they got started and why they started it, so let me tell you my story. If you had told me ten years ago I would be my own boss, I would have thought you were crazy. A person who loved going into the office every day, working out how to get more people through the doors and constantly learning the every changing world of digital marketing.

A light bulb went off when every time I would tell someone that ‘I’m a marketing specialist’ and more often than not two questions would come up; “What do you do?” and “Any marketing suggestions?” With that, I would always listen and even sit down and look at their marketing and offer my suggestions which I would be greeted with a smile and thanks.

The interesting thing I found was I had so much knowledge and I could see the frustration and confusion on people’s faces when I would ask questions like ‘Have you installed your Facebook Pixel’ or ‘Do you know how to remarket to website visitors?’

That is what lead me to start my own company. I wanted to help as many businesses as I could, not only to succeed but really understand marketing and grow personally as business owners. Reach out, let’s chat and see if I can be of assistance.


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